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Water UK response to Jeremy Corbyn speech at GMB Congress

Press release
5 June 2018
Piping being laid (credit: South East Water)

Responding to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the GMB Congress, Water UK Chief Executive, Michael Roberts said:

“If the water industry was owned and run by the government it would be competing for spending with hospitals and schools, and people have to question whether they think Ministers would prioritise spending on water in those circumstances. The lack of government funding led to the water industry ending up in a poor state 30 years ago, failing to deliver a good service and damaging the environment. But since privatisation in 1989, water companies have invested around £150 billion on improvements and infrastructure, and continue to spend £8 billion to keep on improving.

“The results are clear – a better environment, customers are five times less likely to suffer from supply interruptions, eight times less likely to suffer from sewer flooding, and 100 times less likely to have lower water pressure. The average bill is around a £1 day – and after inflation bills are at pretty much the same level since 1994. No-one has explained how taking the water industry into state ownership would maintain these high levels of investment and the excellent results for customers.”

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